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Description of Talking Bunny Easter

The cutest talking bunny is finally here, and he will make your Easter holiday even more amazing! The rabbit can dance, talk to you and you can tickle or slap him to see his reactions! Download free Talking Bunny Easter game app and have fun with your new virtual pet. This animal is the symbol of Easter, and he is the coolest rabbit you have ever met! He lives in a big house and he will show you all of his beautiful rooms – the gorgeous living room, the bedroom, but the gym and the playground as well! The talking bunny easter will manage to bring gifts to kids on Easter, and in the meantime he wants to hang out with you! You will see him play the violin as well as the drums, so do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity! Talk to your bunny and he will repeat your words, and play the latest mini games or watch videos in order to collect coins and unlock all the rooms. Install this popular game and see for yourself that the cute bunny will become your favourite new pet!

This talking game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages! What you need to do is to navigate your little bunny through his daily activities, and he will be happy to play with you anytime you want. It is so easy to play so everyone can have a lot of fun with the sweet rabbit. Awesome mini games are also here, so seize the opportunity and play Jumpy Bunny Easter and jump on endless platforms. Play Pizza Defense to protect a delicious meal from annoying insects, but be careful not to hit your friends because they are not there to harm you! In Bunny Easter Smash you will tap the rabbit as soon as you see him come out of the pit, so be quick! A perfect way to exercise your reflexes, so choose the mode you want to play and enjoy! Play Bunny Easter Jump and you can jump together, just tap on the platform you want your hero to hop on. Have fun! We all know that rabbits are hyperactive animals, so our little one needs a gym where he can work out! He has a a treadmill, and that is where you can help the bunny easter run or walk. You decide if the latest virtual pet needs to work on his muscles a little bit more! The two of you will have so much fun on the farm, so do not hesitate and download the top talking game application right now! This beautiful animal is a good fella and he will leave a basket full of gifts for children, but he is here now and ready to become best friends with you. The rabbit can take a bath and later wipe with his towel, he is really smart! Check out the playground and you will see an incredible trampoline, where he loves to jump and enjoy the fresh air. He will wish everyone a Happy Easter with a delicious cake, so tap on it and see what happens, and you can color the eggs together and enjoy this wonderful holiday!

How to play Talking Bunny Easter app:

 Play mini games and watch videos to collect coins

 Talk to the Bunny Easter and he will repeat your words

 Tickle and slap the Bunny Easter for fun

 Take the Bunny Easter to the gym

 Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep

Which name will you give to your cool new pet? The popular bunny easter is all about fun, so relax and play with your best talking animal. Share with your friends on social networks and let them know about the top bunny easter game! Take care of your rabbit and make sure he gets some sleep, because that is how he gets his energy, and you can get some more coins that way! And when you decide he had enough sleep, the adorable birds will wake him up! He is not embarrassed to fart and to show you everything he can do, so the fun is guaranteed!

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